Up to 50% Discount on Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

If you love horror and thrill, you must have seen Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad is a famous film series. Harley Quinn is a popular character in the movie, played by the young actress Margot Robbie. The actress has worn a stylish jacket is eye-catching colors, which her fans loved. We would have this jacket in our collection if you were looking for it.

The jacket is manufactured with satin material, which is lighter in weight and you can wear it for the whole day. The jacket is half red and half blue. The front has a zip closure, and the right side of the zip is red, including the sleeve, and the left side of the zip is blue. The jacket is divided into the same colors from the back too. Cuffs, collar, and waistline are rib knitted with red and white color. At the end of the jacket, the “property of joker” is written in golden color. A golden strip runs along the length of the sleeves, which makes them more stylish.

It’s a stylish jacket for any sports and outdoor activity. Young girls will love it. It’s a slim fit jacket and is available in all sizes order now Harley Quinn Jacket.

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