How To Measure A Jacket Using A Measuring Tape

When it comes to jackets or any other outfit, proper size is very important. No matter how costly your jacket is, it will fail to give a stylish look to your personality if the size is not appropriate. In this online shopping era, when you cannot try jackets on, you need to know your size perfectly. If you order a perfect size, you will get a suitable one, which will enhance your personality.

However, many people have no idea how to measure a jacket. Improper measurements can lead to the wrong size, and then you have to return or exchange the product. To avoid all this hassle, you should measure your jacket properly and order the correct size.

Learn How To Measure Your Jacket Before Purchasing

If you don’t know how to measure your size using a measuring tape, let us help you. Here is the step by step guide, where you can learn to measure your jacket.

Simple 4 Step To Measure Your Outfits Jacket, Blazer, And Coat

Measure chest width

The first step is to measure the chest width of your jacket. You can take chest measurements by measure the distance from the bottom of one armhole to the bottom of the other armhole. Keep the measuring tape straight and note the size in cm and inches both.

Graphical Dimension View

Measure Sleeves

To get a measurement of the sleeve, keep the tape at the tip of the shoulder and measure until the cuff’s edge. Keep the measuring tape stretched and note the size carefully.

Graphical Dimension View

Measure Waist Width

Measure the waist of your jacket by keeping the measuring tape around the waist. It should not be along the waistline exactly; rather, keeping it lower than halfway. Measure from one side to the other and make sure the tape is kept straight and measured carefully.

Graphical Dimension View

Measure Shoulders

Measurement of the shoulder is very important and varies from person to person. Shoulder measurement can change the size of your jacket.  To measure the shoulders, place the measuring tape at the corner of one shoulder from where the sleeve starts, and measure till the other’s corner, behind the neck.

Graphical Dimension View


Use an appropriate measuring tape and make sure to keep the tape straight. Turns in the tape or loosely held tape cannot bring the required results. Moreover, don’t place your order just assuming your size. Every online store uses different sizing, check the size chart, measure yourself carefully, and then place your order. Proper measurement can save you from reading the return and exchange policy of the company.

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