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Easter 2018 is just around the corner! The festive occasion for the Christian community is a day of celebration and joy to commemorate the belief that Jesus Christ is risen. Based on the paschal full moon, the Easter Day usually falls on the full moon after the spring equinox.The holy week in Christianity has started on March 25 this year that is the Palm Sunday and will follow Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday; creating a four day weekend for grand celebrations and spiritual moves.

The devout festival has been observed with great zeal and religious spirit worldwide with particular services at churches, flowers, music, candlelight and the ringing of church bells. People used to present and dedicate dramatic acts on Easter story. Special food items like pastries, traditional foods like capretto (lamb), agnello (kid/goat), ham, salads, babka, sausages and mazurka are prepared to treat the gatherings. Maintaining all the religious significance; people look to stock up new clothes, hunting for the best bargains of the year and Easter Sale. With the incredible shopping bonanza; you can hop into big savings for holiday gifts, all the relevant gear, Easter decor, baskets, sweets, toys and clothing.

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