Will Celebrity Leather Jackets Ever Rule the World?

As the title mentions, celebrity dominate in every field of life. Whether it is acting, singing, dancing whatever the activities they are involved in, they tend to be the one’s on top. Just like every other field in the world, the field of fashion is dominated by the superstars as well.

There are some products, usually leather jackets, which these stars have an inclination towards. Whatever the event, they are usually seen wearing this phenomenon. Whatever the products these stars endorse, a huge demand of that product is created in the fashion market and the fans want to assume their favorite‚Äôs role as soon as possible.


Freddie Mercury Yellow Jacket

For instance, the yellow colored leather jacket that Freddie Mercury endorsed on one of the best stage performances was a bomb. His fans really appreciated his talent that night but the thing that caught most of their attention was the joyful yellow colored apparel that he had worn. That Freddie Mercury yellow jacket was no doubt one of a kind, the intensity of the yellow color, the prominent white lining and most of all that remarkable belted front design was indeed something that no one could have ever thought of. The whole composition of the jacket was spot on and Freddie indeed gave his fans a lot to cheer about that night.


Eddie Murphy Jacket

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Another famous example of what the stars wore that made the fans run after them was the Detroit lions jacket that Alex Murphy wore in BeverlyHills. This leather jacket is a said to be a bridge between the traditional and the modern world. The way it has been designed is truly remarkable. The traditional approach of bomber jacket has been used to make the collar, sleeves and the waistline ribbed, while the color theme and the design pattern of the jacket delivers what most of the modern jackets tend to give. The jacket has a central lining of buttons and a stylish looking side pocket done with the cream color. However, the most prominent feature of the jacket is the logo of the helmet that is embossed on the front as well as the back of this outstanding piece.

Another similar incident happened when the Aaron Paul wore his amazing looking black colored leather jacket in Breaking bad. The jacket made its demand in a short while. The black colored jacket held a straight central button lining, ribbed cuffs, a noteworthy front with four pockets, a strap belted collar and a slim fitted approach for the wearer. No doubt, it was one of the most demanded products at the time of its arrival.

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