Captain Kirk Jacket Costume from Star Trek Beyond: Your Passport to Fame

If you are a big fan of Captain James Kirk from Star Trek movie franchise, you are in a very good company. There are millions of diehard fans of actor Chris Pine who plays the character of Captain Kirk currently. The next movie in this franchise is going to be Beyond which will be the thirteenth movie in the series. This franchise has given birth to loads of fashion garments and costumes that are used by the crazy fans across the country to express their love for the movie and its characters. But none of these garments and accessories can ever beat the kind of craze fans have for the lather costume that Captain Kirk wears in Star Trek movies.


Feel confident like Captain Kirk by wearing this jacket

If you are a true fan of Captain Kirk, only you know what it means to you to own and wear the dress that is worn by actor Chris Pine while portraying the character of Captain James Kirk. You can simply floor your dance partner at party involving friends when you are wearing the replica of the leather costume that Captain Kirk wears on board the space ship Enterprise during his voyage of the galaxies. But before we move ahead and talk a little more about what this beautiful leather costume can do for you, here is some information about the mesmerizing blue dress.


Salient features of Captain Kirk leather costume

  • Dark blue leather jacket for men
  • Exact replica of the costume that Chris Pine wears in Star Trek Beyond
  • Stand collar with front chin up zip
  • Unique design using yellow colour on both shoulders
  • White arrows on sleeves and chest
  • Open hem cuffs
  • Two pockets on the chest
  • Premium quality leather
  • Highest level of craftsmanship

Be ready to be showered with praise on your looks

Captain Kirk costume is a complete dress in itself and it is enough to get praise and compliments from all your friends when you wear it at a party. Imagine the look on the faces of your friends when you wear this beautiful leather costume at the premiere show of the movie when it is released later this year. If you have seen the trailers of Beyond that have been released on internet, you know how handsome Chris pine looks wearing this jacket and commanding his men on the space ship. Buying this leather jacket is certainly the easiest of the ways to be treated like a celebrity by your friends without having to work hard. This is such a good looking jacket that it makes your personality charming and impressive on its own. Do not be surprised to be treated like a celebrity in your own right when you wear this jacket in front of your friends.

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