Different Types of Leather


Leather Jackets are made from many different kind of leathers, whether that is real or artificial or can be a combination of both. Real or genuine leather is a material made from tanned hides of various animals. However, artificial, commonly known as faux leather is man made synthetic leather comparatively cheaper than genuine animal leather.

Real or Natural Leather:

Natural leather is obtained from variety of different animals that has been tanned. Cowhide, Buffalo hide, Lamb and sheep skin, Pig Skin are mostly used to make jackets. Each type has its own features and uses. However the prices depend on three factors which include the type of animal, the method of tanned or treatment and the part of the animal body from which the leather has been obtained. It is commonly said, “the larger the animal the thickest and heaviest the leather will be”

Cow Hide:

Real cow hide is tanned from the skin of dead cow, the best quality cowhide usually used unbleached, having the original color of the animal which is mostly used for making leather jackets. Whereas the Lowest quality Cowhide are also dyed to resemble the skin of zebra or tiger.

Cow hide is most demanded due to its excellent features like protection, durability, resistance and heavy weight.

Buffalo Hide:

Having almost the same characteristics of cowhide except has more visible grains.

Lamb and Sheep Skin:

Unlike the leather from other animals, Sheep skin is tanned with the fleece.
Its leather feels as smooth as butter.its leather is very fine, durable and lighter, particularly used for women jackets, bombers and blazers. Wool coats, vests and rugs are also manufactured.

Lamb Skin is very common for its thinness and weakness. It is also very smooth and soft but mostly used to make smaller items like purse, gloves, and wallets.

Pig Skin:

It is difficult to differentiate between jackets made from pig skin or cow hide. Having same features of durability and toughness often used to make jackets.

Distressed Leather:

Distressed leather is any type of leather has already been used but with the passage of time its appearance doesn’t weakened not so it’s overall integrity. Mostly smaller item are made with the distressed leather which was originally used for clothing.

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