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There is hardly a soul that does not wait for the Big Friday sales organized in various retail stores across the country. This day that falls on the next day of Thanksgiving Day marks the beginning of the official shopping season for the consumers. Almost all retail stores announce attractive discounts and other promotional offers to lure customers. In this crowd of discounts and offers, the coupon code announced by Famous Jackets comes as a pleasant surprise for the consumers. Famous-jackets.co.uk happens to be the most popular online shop for high quality and beautiful garments. The company has come up with a grand offer for its customers on the occasion of Big Friday this year. It has announced Friday Coupon Code that will get customers 20% off on all their purchases.

Famous Jackets is an online shop renowned for its beautiful and garments. Customers know they will get nothing but the best in terms of quality, stitching, and craftsmanship when they buy a product form the website. This is because of the endeavor of the company to not make any compromise in the quality of fabrics and accessories. Also, Famous Jackets keeps the prices of products reasonable to the delight of the consumers. The company has sprung a big surprise for its loyal customers by announcing Friday Coupon Code this year. Do not miss this opportunity to get latest and most stylish and fashionable leather jackets, coats, and other garments for your friends and family members using this coupon code. No matter what you buy, just mention the code BigFriday before making the payment. This coupon code will entitle you to get 20% off entire store.

If you have been waiting for the Big Friday sales till now, this is your golden chance to buy some fabulous jackets and coats for yourself and your beloved family members. Not only do you get to buy the most fashionable and good looking garments but also get a whopping 20% discount on them to help you save your hard earned money. Just do not forget to mention the coupon code BigFriday to get this fabulous discount.

Captain Kirk Jacket Costume from Star Trek Beyond: Your Passport to Fame

If you are a big fan of Captain James Kirk from Star Trek movie franchise, you are in a very good company. There are millions of diehard fans of actor Chris Pine who plays the character of Captain Kirk currently. The next movie in this franchise is going to be Beyond which will be the thirteenth movie in the series. This franchise has given birth to loads of fashion garments and costumes that are used by the crazy fans across the country to express their love for the movie and its characters. But none of these garments and accessories can ever beat the kind of craze fans have for the lather costume that Captain Kirk wears in Star Trek movies.


Feel confident like Captain Kirk by wearing this jacket

If you are a true fan of Captain Kirk, only you know what it means to you to own and wear the dress that is worn by actor Chris Pine while portraying the character of Captain James Kirk. You can simply floor your dance partner at party involving friends when you are wearing the replica of the leather costume that Captain Kirk wears on board the space ship Enterprise during his voyage of the galaxies. But before we move ahead and talk a little more about what this beautiful leather costume can do for you, here is some information about the mesmerizing blue dress.


Salient features of Captain Kirk leather costume

  • Dark blue leather jacket for men
  • Exact replica of the costume that Chris Pine wears in Star Trek Beyond
  • Stand collar with front chin up zip
  • Unique design using yellow colour on both shoulders
  • White arrows on sleeves and chest
  • Open hem cuffs
  • Two pockets on the chest
  • Premium quality leather
  • Highest level of craftsmanship

Be ready to be showered with praise on your looks

Captain Kirk costume is a complete dress in itself and it is enough to get praise and compliments from all your friends when you wear it at a party. Imagine the look on the faces of your friends when you wear this beautiful leather costume at the premiere show of the movie when it is released later this year. If you have seen the trailers of Beyond that have been released on internet, you know how handsome Chris pine looks wearing this jacket and commanding his men on the space ship. Buying this leather jacket is certainly the easiest of the ways to be treated like a celebrity by your friends without having to work hard. This is such a good looking jacket that it makes your personality charming and impressive on its own. Do not be surprised to be treated like a celebrity in your own right when you wear this jacket in front of your friends.

Why Famous Jackets Is Best For Online Shopping!

In recent years the shopping has significantly shifted from outdoor market stores to online stores. The increase of using technology and social media the trend of online shopping has also increased. There are several online stores selling and market their things, but only few of them providing what they promise. The Famous Jackets online store is trusted by customers across the globe and always works beyond the expectations. We work hard to make our website user friendly and provide quality products to our customers in rapid time. Below are some highlighted features of Famous Jackets online Store.

We know our Expertise!

Most online stores are selling multiple products, even in which they are not expert or they are not made by themselves. In this case they actually buy product from other source and then delivered to the customer, obviously it will consume more time and also the price will also increase. But Famous Jackets is focused on delivering quality products to their global customers. We are selling products (Jackets, Pants, Vest, Costumes, Men’s Suits and other clothing wear, made from Real Leather, Faux Leather, Cotton and other material) in which we are expert and these products are manufactured by our highly trained workers in the best possible environment.


For easy selection of products we have categorized our product into five main categories and these are then divided into sub categories as below;

1. Women Jackets:

i) Celebrity Jackets

ii) Slim Fit Jackets

iii) Bomber Jackets

2. Men Jackets:

i) Bomber Jackets

ii) Celebrity Jackets

iii) Distressed Jackets

iv) Slim Fit Jackets

3. Biker Jackets:

i) Women Jackets

ii) Men Jackets

4. WWE Jackets:

5. Leather Pants:

i) Women Pants

ii) Men Pants

Further, you can visit the store Site Map for complete knowledge of the store.

Fast Browsing:

We have a technical and highly experience team who work hard to make our website fast for browsing and compatible for both computer and for mobile. You can easily search out products from your mobile phone and with very fast checkout. Our website is hundred percent free from all bugs, errors and virus.

Custom Design Jackets:

You hardly found this option in any other online store. If you want to make your own design leather jacket or you want to buy a jacket in your perfect body fitting, than Famous Jackets is offering services to stitch your own design in your provided measurement.

 Latest Collections:

Our marketing and sales team keeps a close eye on the latest collections of TV, Movies, Celebrity jackets, costumes and Suits and they work hard with our designers to create the updated and fashionable masterpieces. At Famous Jackets you will find all the latest jackets.

All of the above, our Customer Services Team is always available 24/7 for your support and help.

Keep Enjoying Shopping from www.Famous-Jackets.co.uk !!!

Harley Quinn Inspired Jackets & Costume

harley_quinnHarley Quinn character is a fictional super villain beautiful and gorgeous girl.The character was first appeared in American comic books published by DC Comics. She is commonly known as an adversary of the superhero Batman. Harley Quinn was first introduced to the fans of Batman as a joker’s female sidekick in the 1990’s cartoon series, but now this notorious villain is even more popular among the audience. The character is a frequent assistant and lover of the Joker. Although the character is a villain, but is still loved by boys and especially young girls. Harley Quinn comes with fabulous costumes in comics, movies and TV series and girls are always excited to grab her costumes. Herley Quinn is commonly known for her black, red and white suit.

For the crazy lover of Harley Quinn we have following costumes at Famous Jackets at reasonable price with fast service;

Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn Sexy Corset & Pants Costume

Price: £105.00

Girls must want this complete adult costume of Harley Quinn into the wardrobe. The costume is inspired by Batman Arkham City and worn by Harely Quinn. The complete costume includes Top Corset and Leather Pants. The costume is designed in unique black/red contrast pattern which gives your personality a bubbly look. This costume is super hot and will certainly appeal to your “bad girl” side. No one wants to mess with you on the party floor for sure. The long fingerless gloves and neck choker collar helps to complete the insane look. This costume is just perfect for Halloween parties. You can buy a complete costume or an individual piece as well only at Famous Jackets!

Bombshell Harley Quinn Jokers Wild Brown Leather Jacket Costume

Price: £112.00

If you are looking for a Harley Quinn Jacket that you can wear and carry in school, college, casual wear and for parties all at the same time? Then you must invest your money in this amazing wild brown jacket. The jacket has a brown color. As Harley Quinn is a joker’s girlfriend therefore this jacket has a wild colorful joker print on the back side of the jacket. The front left side of the jacket has badges. It has ribbed cuffs and bottom hem. This jacket will definitely make others shock and jealous.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket – Costume

Price: £79.00

Harley Quinn is back in upcoming 2016 movie “Suicide Squad” . The jacket worn by beautiful actress Margot Robbie to play the infamous character of Harley Quinn in the movie. The jacket has an extraordinary appealing look. The jacket is made in purple and red color combination. The front left side of the jacket in shocking purple color and the right side is in sharp red color. It has golden stripes on collar, sleeves, cuffs and bottom hem which enhance its funky look. The back has text print “Property of Joker” in golden color. This astonishing Harley Quinn jacket is a must have attire for you.

Get these Harley Quinn costumes from www.famous-jackets.co.uk right now and live in a character of Harley Quinn.

Stay comfy and stylish this season with Ride Along 2 jackets

Famous jacket always cares about the fans. This time we come with two outstanding jackets from your favorite movie Ride Along 2. If you have a friend who is just close to your heart than just imagines how you look when you wear these celebrity jackets with your best friend?? The entire crowd will certainly look at you for sure. These jackets are extremely comfortable. Stay comfortable and stylish with these fabulous jackets.

Have a celebrity look!

If you want to look like your favorite star, then these Ride along 2 jackets are going to make your style statement unplugged like James Payton & Tyrese Gibson as these jackets worn by both stars in the movie Ride Along 2. Both stars were looking smoking hot with these jackets. Whatever your inner outfit is these jackets will make you like a celebrity. These jackets will make you confident in front of everyone.



Fashion with Performance.

Give yourself a stylish hero look with Ride Along 2 Jackets. These jackets are not only good in style and design, but are excellent when it comes to performance. The Tyrese Gibson jacket is made from premium quality 100% genuine leather and the Ice Cube jacket is made of pure cotton too. Both jackets are entirely different in styles. James Payton jacket is fastened with zipper and snap buttons. It has largely space four front flap pockets. The front is fastened with zipper & snap buttons. The cuffs are fastened with metal closure. The james payton jacket is in pure black and grey color. Tyrese Gibson jacket is available in burgundy, dark brown and black color. It has stylish front and back cross stitched panels. The front and cuffs are fastened with metal zipper. These are stitched with perfection. Both these replicas are made with excellence and there is no compromise in style and performance. Fans of James Payton and Tyrese Gibson will surely don’t want to miss out these spectacular Ride Along 2 jackets. Hurry up to order before somebody else around you to inspire your friends by wearing these awesome jackets.


Superb Christmas 2015 Fashion Gift Ideas


Christmas is round the corner and by now most people have decided and already ordered gifts for their friends and relatives. But if you are a late bloomer and still undecided, here is a great idea to make your job easy. Famous-Jackets.co.uk, the most popular of online sources for high quality leather garments, has just launched its latest range of attires for men, women, and kids. This means that you are only a few clicks away from getting the most beautiful, comfortable, and durable leather jackets, coats, and other attires for your dear ones.

Famous-Jackets.co.uk got its name because of the fact that it sold replicas of attires worn by celebrities. But you can get not just the designs that have been sported by Hollywood actors and performers but also super hero costumes and many other types of garments that are trending and considered fashionable. This is not all as you can find jackets and coats that are yet to be seen by the masses. These are attires worn by movie stars in yet to be released movies. You can give away a few of these garments to your loved ones depending upon their liking and love for the actor.


Famous-Jackets.co.uk is a place that is searched a lot by those crazy about video games. This is because the designers of the company introduce leather jackets seen in latest video games. If there is a very popular video game character, you can expect to find the jacket, coat, or trench coat worn by him on the website of the company. So if your son is crazy about a character in a video game, you can give him a pleasant surprise by buying a jacket similar to that worn by that character inside the video game.

There are also leather garments worn by professional wrestlers. If your friend is crazy for a WWE wrestler, you can give him the jacket worn by his favorite wrestler after buying it from famous-jackets.co.uk. The website is also known for custom made jackets that are tailored as per specifications given by the customers.

Winter Clothing 2015 UK


Clothing is fiber and textile worn by human beings; however the requirement of clothes may differ according to Physical, Social, culture and mostly the geographical Factor. It provides a barrier between the skin and the environment which insulates the body against hot and cold weather keeps the infection and toxic away, and protection from UV radiation (harmful for Skin).

The weather of United Kingdom is rarely extreme and change unpredictably. The average temperature of UK in spring is 0.6-5.8°C, 14.9-15.4 °C in summer, Autumn is normally observed 10.7-13.0°C, However the average temperature of winter Fells below -10°C across many areas. Heavy snow fall and extreme cold is observed in many places and temperature may fell below the average point in December.


People often wear layers so they can put on or Take them off according to requirement. Mostly the people of UK are observed to wear layers of woolen under wears Short and long sleeved T-shirts, Jumpers, Coats, Jackets, blazers and overcoats with a pair of jeans or Dress Pants and tights (for females). Other accessories are sneakers, joggers, Leather shoes, Gloves, woolen socks, Scarf, warm hats, earmuffs, etc.

Besides such extremist weather of winter, it doesn’t mean that people stay at home and wait for spring to come……After all its UK, “The hub of fashion and Style”. But it is essential to cover you up completely to fight the weather.


Upper Body:

The inhabitants of United Kingdom Layer those up with long Under wears (woolen or Synthetic) , Shirts, T shirts, blazers, Jumpers (sweater), leather or Nylon Coat or Jackets with most important winter over coat during chilled winter. It doesn’t matter how many layers you are wearing on!!!! Or the blazers are the fashion of spring or T shirts are worn in summer.

Lower Body:

To warm up the lower body, jeans are mostly preferred by youngster, however Girls are often seen in tights or legging worn with Skirts and dresses. Elder generation prefer dress pants. Leather pants are trend for parties and evening gatherings, similarly nylon pants are useful to keep the snow off.


Head and Hands:

Woolen hat, covering the ears and head and a scarf to cover cheeks and neck is observed in winter. Whereas, girls prefer to have earmuffs instead. Gloves or Mittens are necessary when going out in chilled weather.



Pair of woolen socks is essential in winter with winter line shoes. Sneakers and tennis shoes can be a best choice for indoor.

Whatever, to wear to keep you warm enough in winter, People of England make sure to be comfortable, trendy and stylish .They are concerned to be up to date and in fashion. Males are seen wearing Suits in formal events while cock tail dress or gown is favorite for women. A dress according to dress code is a new trend since last era. For that, sometimes celebrities’ styles or customized dresses are adopted and ordered.

Batman Superhero History


A fictional Superhero, which was the concept of Bob Kane and developed by Bill Finger, was first published in American comic book by DC Comics; in 1939.The character is also referred by the world greatest detective, Dark Knight and Cape Crusader. Most of us know him from blockbuster movies, video games, cartoon movies, TV Shows or from comic magazines.

Bruce Wayne, was the original and secret identity of batman, he was a millionaire, owner of fictional company “Wayne enterprises”. During a mugging in his native town (Gotham City), he witnessed the murder of his parents when he was a child. He had a great sense of humanity and was a great intellectual by birth while trained himself physically and mentally to get revenge from the criminals. As seemed, He doesn’t possess the superpowers; he only relied on his geniuses, intelligence, physical fitness, his abilities of martial arts, his great detective skills, and technology of the era and his will to fight against crimes and criminals.


After this publication of “Batman” in 1940 which was the first comic book, the character became popular. Its serial films “Batman” and “Batman and Robin” were first starred in 1943 and 1949. However, its feature film was released after two decades, in late 1960s was starring Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward

(Robin).The character’s popularity became weaker in 1970s and 1980s; neither a film nor a TV series was released. Then, in 1989 and 1992 the films “Batman” and “Batman returns” directed by Tim Burton were released. Thereafter, a number of films were released which includes Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993),Batman Forever(1995),Batman & Robin(1997),Batman Begins(2005),The Dark Knight(2008),The Dark Knight rises(2012) are famous. Which made Millions of revenue worldwide with A ranking of cinema score and had been nominated for Academy Awards (except Batman Robin and The Dark Knight Rises). While upcoming films are Batman Vs Superman and The Lego Batman Movie will be released in 2016 and 2017 respectfully.

The animated series of batman was on aired on Fox from 1992 to 1995 lasting 85 episodes. After that a numerous cartoon series and films had been released. However the first video game “The adventure of Batman & Robin” was first released in 1994.


The color scheme of Batman’s cape, gloves, cowl, tight fitted body suit (with bat symbol on the chest) and boots were black or dark blue usually highlighted with grey or blue color initially. As the time passed, the color of black cape and cowl became dominant with lots of other changer like yellow ellipse, length of cowl’s ears, belt and more by many artistic teams.

Batman is a character of superhero, who serves the innocents, fight for justice, a play boy and a philanthropist with deductive abilities and intellectual skills.

Different Types of Leather


Leather Jackets are made from many different kind of leathers, whether that is real or artificial or can be a combination of both. Real or genuine leather is a material made from tanned hides of various animals. However, artificial, commonly known as faux leather is man made synthetic leather comparatively cheaper than genuine animal leather.

Real or Natural Leather:

Natural leather is obtained from variety of different animals that has been tanned. Cowhide, Buffalo hide, Lamb and sheep skin, Pig Skin are mostly used to make jackets. Each type has its own features and uses. However the prices depend on three factors which include the type of animal, the method of tanned or treatment and the part of the animal body from which the leather has been obtained. It is commonly said, “the larger the animal the thickest and heaviest the leather will be”

Cow Hide:

Real cow hide is tanned from the skin of dead cow, the best quality cowhide usually used unbleached, having the original color of the animal which is mostly used for making leather jackets. Whereas the Lowest quality Cowhide are also dyed to resemble the skin of zebra or tiger.

Cow hide is most demanded due to its excellent features like protection, durability, resistance and heavy weight.

Buffalo Hide:

Having almost the same characteristics of cowhide except has more visible grains.

Lamb and Sheep Skin:

Unlike the leather from other animals, Sheep skin is tanned with the fleece.
Its leather feels as smooth as butter.its leather is very fine, durable and lighter, particularly used for women jackets, bombers and blazers. Wool coats, vests and rugs are also manufactured.

Lamb Skin is very common for its thinness and weakness. It is also very smooth and soft but mostly used to make smaller items like purse, gloves, and wallets.

Pig Skin:

It is difficult to differentiate between jackets made from pig skin or cow hide. Having same features of durability and toughness often used to make jackets.

Distressed Leather:

Distressed leather is any type of leather has already been used but with the passage of time its appearance doesn’t weakened not so it’s overall integrity. Mostly smaller item are made with the distressed leather which was originally used for clothing.

Enlighten your Parties with Harley Quinn Jacket


Parties are always the most exciting thing to happen with this no matter what kind of it be, after being tired with our daily routines these parties are actually the kind of entertainment which gives a soothing feel to us.

However, on the other hand these parties at the same time demand the need of having something classy and trendy to wear as well. This means you need to stock up yourself with nice looking attire. This time since its winter coming round the corner, investing in a stylish jacket suitable for parties shall be an option to be considered. This Harley Quinn jacket is a must have a choice for all the ladies looking for something trendy and classy for their party attires.


Significance of Style with Harley Quinn Jacket

The best thing about the suicide squad harley quinn jacket is the finishing of material, manufactured with satin the level of gloss required is maintained in a perfect way and looks appealing. On the other hand, this harley quinn costume is also finished with the two such colors that always look appealing and exciting, the combination of purple and red is always classic for all kinds of parties and the touch of golden finishing over it gives the jacket more of a look which is needed.

The benefit of carrying harley quinn replica jacket for the parties in winter season are definitely worth going for because you have an opportunity to look classic and stylish and at the same time in the chilly weather you are provided with that mush needed coverage. This jacket may easily be carried upon any kind of attire and it will enhance the overall outlook of yours.


Such jackets are hard to find and being a celebrity inspiration this jacket justifies all the needs ladies have. The inner and the outer, both of this jacket is embellished with soft feel of material which is needed in the winter season to maintain the much need level of comfort. Any individual may improve the overall outlook in an instant by way of wearing harley quinn jacket without a doubt.